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Xpeed Ankle & Wrist Weights

Xpeed Ankle & Wrist Weights


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Additional weight added to your ankle or wrist will make your muscles work overtime & increase explosive power.

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Xpeed Ankle & Wrist Weights

Boost your training by working out with Xpeed Ankle & Wrist Weights. Adding this kind of extra resistance to the ends of the your arms and legs can be used both statically for stretching and dynamically for resistance training.



Ankle and wrist weights can add additional resistance to your workouts in a subtle, fairly unassuming way. As long as you use them safely they can be used in pretty much any workout. They’re versatile, comfortable and portable which makes them a good option for training when travelling. Compared to larger pieces of equipment they are an affordable bit of training kit.

–  Develops, strengthens & tones muscles.

–  Ideal for all sports training.

–  Durable 50mm Velcro straps.

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