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Xpeed Professional Combo Set


Professional Combo Set Save money and train hard with the Xpeed Professional Combo Set. The combo set includes a pair of the Professional Boxing Mitts and a pair of the Professional Focus Pads. Whether you're training at home or coaching clients this combination set gives you the best of both worlds.  What is the difference between boxing mitts and boxing...

Xpeed Professional Boxing Mitts


Professional Boxing Mitts The Xpeed Professional Boxing Mitts are a great training tool if you're starting out on your boxing journey at home or the gym. They provide the essential support needed for light bag work and focus pad work.  What is the difference between boxing mitts and boxing gloves? Typically, boxing gloves are rated via their weight. On the...

Xpeed Minimite Junior Mitts


Xpeed Minimite Junior Mitts A fun fitness alternative for kids while developing basic motor skills, coordination and confidence! Your QUEST to be the BEST starts here. Polyurethane Shell Hard wearing PU soft and safe for kids Mock Filled Mock filled stuffing for a durable, padded glove. Elasticised Cuff Elasticised wrist cuff for added support. RECOMENDED FOR AGES 5 AND UNDER...