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Xpeed Professional MMA


Professional MMA Gloves The Xpeed Professional MMA Gloves are designed to compliment the skills required of an MMA fighter including chop strikes, punches and grappling. The versatility a fighters hands means intelligent thin padding must be included in the glove design to help carry out MMA moves freely. Features & Benefits: - Stitchless Webbing - Floating finger design for stichless finger webbing. The ultimate comfort...

Xpeed Contender MMA Glove


Contender MMA Gloves   Features: Stitchless webbingFloating finger design for stichless finger webbing. The ultimate comfort when striking and clenchingPolyurethane ShellPolyurethane (PU) is a lightweight, high performing and long lasting skin that will give the boxer the best response for training. Wrist ProtectionAdditional Wrist Padding for extra protection when training and sparring. 2” Wrist Elasticised StrapThe thick, elasticised wrap is...

Xpeed Professional Boxing Bag 5ft


Xpeed Professional 5ft Punchbag  Give your training the tools it deserves with the Xpeed Professional 5ft Punchbag. Tailored for - Personal trainers, group training, boxing training and competitive sparring. Features:  - Heavy Duty Outer - Rag Filled Foam Lining - 4 straps and D Shackle -  Bottom Tie Down Strap Warranty:  - Xpeed Punchbags are covered by a manufacturing warranty that...

Xpeed Professional Boxing Bag 4ft


Professional 4ft Punchbag Made with 1500GSM HD material the Xpeed Professional 4ft Punchbag is our mid range punchbag. This type of bag is designed for boxing training, group training and personal trainers. In addition, it also serves as a bag for individuals looking to take their training to the next level. Features: – 1500GSM HD material – Rag filled with...

Xpeed Professional Combo Set


Professional Combo Set Save money and train hard with the Xpeed Professional Combo Set. The combo set includes a pair of the Professional Boxing Mitts and a pair of the Professional Focus Pads. Whether you're training at home or coaching clients this combination set gives you the best of both worlds.  What is the difference between boxing mitts and boxing...

Xpeed Speed Wraps


Xpeed Speed Wraps  The Xpeed Speed Wraps are made for competitive training. These wraps can be used under gloves or alone for focus pad or speed ball work with a 100cm wrist wrap for full support. Features & Benefits: - Adjustable Velcro closure - Gel cushioned impact zone - Quick dry neoprene material

Xpeed Professional Shin Pad


Professional Shin Pads Give your training the tools it deserves with the Xpeed Professional Shin Pads. Shin pads or Kickboxing Shin Guards are a staple of striking practice. Built with two separate sections for the shin and instep they allow the fighter to have maximum movement without feeling too bulky or heavy.  Features & Benefits: Compression Moulded FoamCompression Moulded Foam...

Xpeed Fighter Speed Pads


Fighter Speed Pads Premium Quality Goat LeatherThe toughest and most supple leather available. The Goat Skin leather is designed to match your determination and strength. Compact DesignA lightweight and compact design Speed pad will encourage faster and more accurate pad work. Impact ZoneGel infused impact zone in the centre of the focus pad provides an extra layer of cushioning from high impact blows. Impact BallInternal cushioned...

Xpeed Minimite Junior Mitts


Xpeed Minimite Junior Mitts A fun fitness alternative for kids while developing basic motor skills, coordination and confidence! Your QUEST to be the BEST starts here. Polyurethane Shell Hard wearing PU soft and safe for kids Mock Filled Mock filled stuffing for a durable, padded glove. Elasticised Cuff Elasticised wrist cuff for added support. RECOMENDED FOR AGES 5 AND UNDER...

Xpeed Contender Boxing Combo


Xpeed Contender Boxing Combo Set Xpeed Contender Boxing Combo Sets are great for beginner boxing training or for an intense fitness workout.  Set included a pair of quality boxing mitts and set of focus pads that can withstand a constant beating while protecting both the puncher's and receivers hands from injuries. Polyurethane Shell Polyurethane (PU) is a lightweight, high performing and long lasting skin...

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