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About Us

Build A Better Body

Xpeed is helping Australian's with their fitness journey one movement at a time.

We're an Australian fitness company with a vision to cater for everyone in the health and fitness industry. The Xpeed team has countless years of industry experience from business ownership, customer service, gym management, gym design and service and maintenance. As a result our core focus is providing premium equipment and services, at the most affordable prices.

Xpeed Australia

Be it your home, a gym,
ring, cage, or mat
YOU bring the WILL,
we'll pave the WAY.

As well as providing high-quality products for our customers we have a strong focus on providing before and after sales support through our dedicated service team.

Therefore, Xpeed can now manufacture, modify and provide maintenance services for a variety of equipment.

Due to this experience we understand that everyone’s fitness journey is different and that each and every goal is unique. Above all whether it’s rehabilitation, low intensity exercise or conditioning for your next competition, Xpeed has the highest quality equipment for your needs.


We are proud to be partners with some of the biggest retailers and gyms in Australia. At Xpeed, we continue to strive to be one of Australia's premier fitness equipment manufacturers
and we couldn't have better partners to help us with our journey.



We're real at every opportunity


We're playful in nature but not at the expense of other people


We strive to meet or exceed our customers expectations in every shopping experience


Innovation matters to our company and makes our industry better

We're ready to help you reach your fitness goals.