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Heavy Resistance Tube


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A great training aid used for strengthening, toning or rehabilitation.

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Resistance tube

The Heavy Resistance Tube is a commercial grade exercise tubing with handles. The tubes can be used for rehabilitation, toning, improving balance, stretching & general conditioning. The addition of handles makes the tubes easy to hold and use for a variety of different exercises. This type of heavy resistance tube is also great for group classes because you can many of your group members using them at the same time.

A key feature is that they’re light, easy to carry and easy to use. As a result they are perfect for home, travel and office use.

Tubes can be used to work all major muscle groups. Generally speaking a beginner would start with a lighter strength before moving onto a heavier band.


✔Assisted Strength Exercise

✔Power Resistance Training

✔Rehabilitation/Injury Prevention

✔ Safe on your joints

✔ Helps target a variety of muscle groups

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