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Xpeed Lifting Chalk

Xpeed Lifting Chalk


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Xpeed Lifting Chalk – 55gms

Lift heavier for longer, improve your grip and protect against skin tears with Xpeed Lifting Chalk. With the surge in popularity of powerlifting looking likely to continue, take your training to the next level with this handy training aid. Many powerlifters prefer the sensory feedback they get when using chalk compared to gloves. Lifting chalk soaks up the moisture on your palms and hands which helps create a thin layer between your skin and the barbell. This layer prevents potential skin tears, particularly on calluses.

Buy one block or stock up and buy a box of 8 blocks and save.


– Quality Magnesium Carbonate Chalk Block
– Improve comfort and security during training sessions
– Great for use with kettlebells, power rings, chin-up bars and weight lifting
– Maximise your grip

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