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Power Tower


Power Tower

This is a great Power Tower station for home use. Perfect your chin ups and dips in the comfort of your own home. These movements alone are two fundamental strength exercises to help grow your back, chest arms and shoulders. It is the ideal home unit for young athletes or those who are just beginning their fitness journey. To optimise and compliment your Power Tower home set up and add kettlebells and dumbbells to your workout space.

Therefore, you can push, pull and lift your body to perfection with the Xpeed Power Tower. Featuring four stations, this muscle-building tower delivers an incredible total-body workout. Target your biceps and forearms with the padded pull-up station. Build your triceps, chest and shoulders with the dip station. Work your biceps, shoulders and core with the push-up station. And isolate your core to develop lean, sculpted abs. The tower also features sewn vinyl cushions which are built to last and designed with comfortable padding. 

The Xpeed Power Tower includes:

- Chin Up Bar

- Puch Up Handles / Secondary Isolated Dip Station

- VerticalKnee Raise Grips

- Dip Handles

- Sit Up Foot Holds 


- Padded arm rests, foam cushions and back pad.

- Small foot print for your home set up

- Maximum user weight limit of 150kg

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