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5 simple workplace wellness ideas to boost your health and productivity
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5 simple workplace wellness ideas to boost your health and productivity

5 simple workplace wellness ideas to boost your health and productivity

As a former Wellness Manager in the corporate environment I know the benefits of Workplace Wellness very well. A few years ago a report was released from the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealing the top ten industries making Australians overweight or obese.  Amongst the top three were mining, transport and wholesale trade. For us the report poses the question, if you employ people into stressful roles should you provide the resources to help them manage those stressors? I believe that moving forward, the companies who are the most progressive in this area will recruit and retain the best staff.

We know that budget is usually the first sticking point in a wellness program so what can you do if you don’t have a plan currently? Below is a list five simple things that you can do for staff that are easy on the bottom line.

5 simple wellness ideas

1). Change the food you have at staff meetings/conferences/events. Make sure that the food is healthy, free of excess sugar and contains clean sources of protein. Offer water and sparkling water instead of juices and soft drink. After all inspiring people eat inspiring food.


2). Lead from the top. Go for a walk/jog after work one morning or night a week and invite staff to come along. We tried this with Mt Lofty in Adelaide, the first week it was just myself and one other employee with a sweaty dream. 14 weeks later we had 15 other sweaty Betty’s join us. In fact, I finished working at Toop&Toop 3 years ago and there’s about 6-8 people who still do this every week. I’m so proud of that.


3). Invite a pilates or yoga instructor to do one class a month at your workplace or a park near-by. Co-sponsor it so the staff only have to pay $5 for the session.


4). Do a monthly healthy potluck lunch. Place a sign up sheet in the office so people can place their name and what they’re bringing. A great way to encourage a healthy work culture.


5). Make sure your team has a suitable place to enjoy having a break. It doesn’t have to be amazing, just more appealing than their own desk. They can have a meaningful break, enjoy their lunch and be more productive afterwards. * I will put a side note here – Managers have to set the example. You can’t simply create a space and then sit at your own desk eating lunch, that sets an expectation that staff have to do the same.


Key takeaways

It’s no secret that Health & Wellness is a very personal journey so keep this in mind if you’re trying to implement a Wellness strategy at your workplace. Encourage your employees to try and put their Wellness first because small consistent changes over time lead people down a far greater path to Wellness than major life overhauls. A.K.A. the all or nothing approach.

We’ve helped a number of companies set up their workplace gyms. Whether it’s large or small spaces, if this is something you’re thinking about please feel free to get in touch with me here at Xpeed – Good luck.

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