Expert Knowledge

May 23, 2024

From expert workout tips and equipment reviews to nutrition advice and inspiring success stories, our blog is designed to empower you on your fitness journey. Stay updated, motivated, and informed as we explore the world of health and wellness, providing you with valuable insights and practical guidance to help you Build A Better Body With Xpeed.

Barbell Buyers Guide

It’s no secret that a barbell is the foundation of any strength training program and choosing the right bar can mean the difference between you making progress or plateauing. In...

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Xpeed Plyo Box Buyers Guide

Plyo Boxes are a super versatile piece of gym equipment, not to mention you’ll feel pretty badass using one. You can use plyo boxes for a wide variety of exercises and to...

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Xpeed Dumbbell Buyers Guide

A dumbbell is a dumbbell right? When you’re looking for new equipment to fit out your home studio or gym, it can be confusing to try and figure out what...

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Xpeed Weight Lifting Belts Buyers Guide

Weightlifting belts are an essential piece of gear for anyone serious about lifting heavy weights. They can provide extra support and stability to the lower back and core, helping to...

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Xpeed Weight Plate Buyers Guide

So what is the big difference between weight plates? When you're starting out or planning your dream gym set up this can be confusing to understand. So that's why we've put...

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Gym Floor Buyers Guide

Whether you're starting a new gym, renovating an existing facility, or setting up a home gym, prioritising gym flooring is essential. Just as a well-designed Cardio area, HIIT Zone, or...

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