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Xpeed Modular Storage Rack



 Xpeed Modular Storage Rack


This is a space-efficient storage solution that can be completely customised to suit your facility. Neatly and efficiently store everything from dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, weight plates, wall balls, slam balls and more. The modular components of the rack allow you to adapt your storage racks over time as your equipment needs evolve. Simply start, with the two upright and cross members then add components as required. For example, for a dumbbell 2 tier tray unit, you would select 2 x 1m uprights and 2 x dumbbell trays.


The base rack, 'Rack 1' comes with two 1m uprights and two dumbbell trays. To achieve your desired configuration you can also add extra singular uprights and rails/ shelves accordingly. Simply put, start at one of the 1m or 1.5m base model cells and then customise your rack from the drop-down list. If you're looking for 3 storage levels in one rack, we recommend starting with 1.5m uprights as you will have adequate space between the racks for your equipment.


Made from industrial strength steel each shelf is fit to handle up to 250kg. See some of our featured storage cells in the menu below or customise to suit your facility today.


Build It Your Way:



-  Adds valuable floor space to your gym
-  Can customise to your specific venue needs
-  Easy access to equipment for your gym members
-  To help get you started we've created 5 'Base Racks' that you can order as individual units. Rack 1 - A dumbbell 2 tier tray unit, Rack 2 - A dumbbell 3 tier tray unit, Rack 3 - A dumbbell & kettlebell tray unit,  Rack 4 - A dumbbell & wall ball tray unit, Rack 5 - dumbbell & plate tray unit. These come as a pack with all of the components pre-selected for you to build
-  Add accessory uprights and shelves (sold separately) to hold kettlebells, dumbbells, slam balls and more
-  Dumbbell trays have retention to stop slippage


Components available:

- Total width of one base cell or unit (2 x uprights and cross sections) is 1.31m or 1313mm

-  1m upright (leg width 5cm, depth 35cm)

-  1.5m upright (leg width 5cm, depth 35cm)

- 1.8m upright (leg width cm 5cm, depth 35cm).

-  Dumbbell Storage Tray (120cm)

-  Kettle Bell tray (width 34cm, length 120cm)

-  Medicine Balls Rails (width 16cm between rails)

-  Wall Ball Rails (width 25cm between rails)

-  Bumper Plate Storage (width 25cm between rails)

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