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Xpeed Dumbbell Storage Rack


Xpeed Dumbbell Storage Rack Save space and create a tidy and professional gym setup with our 2 Tier or 3 Xpeed Dumbbell Storage Rack. It's perfect for your at home gym or small fitness facility. The 1 metre tray is suitable for Hex and Commercial dumbbells. Assembly for the rack is required, however it is an easy and straightforward process...

Xpeed Modular Storage Rack - Xpeed


 Xpeed Modular Storage Rack   This is a space-efficient storage solution that can be completely customised to suit your facility. Neatly and efficiently store everything from dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, weight plates, wall balls, slam balls and more. The modular components of the rack allow you to adapt your storage racks over time as your equipment needs evolve. Simply start,...

Xpeed Barbell Holder


Xpeed Barbell Holder  Save space in your gym with this small footprint barbell holder.  A barbell storage unit designed for easy insertion and removal.   Dimensions 440mm x 440mm x 180mm 21kg Base that holds 9 Olympic Barbells Save Space in your gym with this Strong, Portable Barbell holder.

Xpeed Toaster Rack


Toaster Rack The Xpeed Toaster rack is the easy way to store your bumper plates when they're not in use. Save space and save the potential for injury with this simple and effective storage solution. Features:- 1500mm Bumper Plate Storage Rack - Two heavy duty wheels to maneuver rack when fully loaded. - 12kg unloaded weight