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Professional Floor To Ceiling Ball


Professional Floor To Ceiling Ball The Xpeed Professional Floor To Ceiling Ball is a great training tool for any boxer. Regular workouts featuring your floor to ceiling ball will allow you to achieve a fantastic cardio workout, whilst toning your upper and lower body. The main benefit of including a floor to ceiling ball into your training regime is the ability to improve punching...

Xpeed Contender Thai Pads


Contender Thai Pads  Whatever goal you are trying to reach the Contender range is designed to take you there. Your QUEST to be the BEST starts here. TAILORED FOR : - PERSONAL TRAINERS, GROUP FITNESS, BOXING FITNESS and BOXING TRAINING Polyurethane ShellPolyurethane (PU) is a lightweight, high performing and long lasting skin that will give the boxer the best reponse for training. 3 Layer...

Xpeed Professional Thai Pads


Professional Thai Pads  You can’t cut corners on the way to being the best which is why the Xpeed Professional Thai Pads is a must for your training. Tailored for: Personal trainers, group training, boxing training and competitive sparring.  Features & Benefits: - High Grade Leather - A lightweight leather shell will provide the boxer with a glove that can withstand the...

Xpeed Hit Shield Curved


Fighter Hit Shield  High Performance training aid. Made from 750GSM material and high density layered foam. Size: Small - 650mm x 400mm x 150 mm Size: Large - 700mm x 500mm x 150 mm -  High Density material to withstand the toughest assaults, Air vents on both sides -  Gel integrated thick Foam, Extremely lightweight -  Nylon reinforced 3 suitcase handle bars...

Xpeed Fighter Thai Pads


Fighter Thai PadsThe Xpeed Fighter range is made for Champions. By using only the finest quality materials, it is tailored specifically to bring out the FIGHTER in you.TAILORED FOR : -COMPETITIVE SPARRING, COMPETITION FIGHTINGPremium Quality Goat LeatherXpeed Made For Champions. The toughest and most supple leather available. The Goat Skin leather is designed to match your determination and strength.Rounded EdgesRounded edges...

Xpeed Professional Focus Pads


Professional Focus Pad Our Professional Focus Pads are the perfect tool for boxing coaches, gyms, personal trainers and group training.   Why train with focus pads? Training with focus pads allows you to practice punching with less impact than you would experience on a punching bag. Training with focus pads also helps develop speed and refine your hitting skills.  Features...

Xpeed Fighter Speed Pads


Fighter Speed Pads Premium Quality Goat LeatherThe toughest and most supple leather available. The Goat Skin leather is designed to match your determination and strength. Compact DesignA lightweight and compact design Speed pad will encourage faster and more accurate pad work. Impact ZoneGel infused impact zone in the centre of the focus pad provides an extra layer of cushioning from high impact blows. Impact BallInternal cushioned...