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Xpeed Spin Collars (Pair)


Spin Collars (Pair)  The spin lock collars (pair) are for threaded bars like the Xpeed Spin Curl Bar. Features & Benefits: - Made of High Quality Steel - Comes in a pair - Home And Commercial Use

Xpeed Lifting Chalk


Xpeed Lifting Chalk Lift heavier for longer, improve your grip and protect against skin tears with Xpeed Lifting Chalk. With the surge in popularity of powerlifting looking likely to continue, take your training to the next level with this handy training aid. Many powerlifters prefer the sensory feedback they get when using chalk compared to gloves. Lifting chalk soaks up...

Xpeed Digital Interval Timer


Xpeed Digital Interval Timer  The new Xpeed Digital Interval Timer is a 6 Digit LED Commercial clock that is perfect for all Boxing Gyms, Martial Arts, CrossFit or Functional Training Studios. In perticular, the timer isgreat for use with HIIT Training and Tabata workouts. The super bright LED display and extra loud beep means the timer can be easily seen in...

Xpeed Alloy Olympic Barbell Grips


Xpeed Alloy Olympic Barbell Grips These barbel clamps are lightweight and strong to complement the Olympic Barbell.  Its revolutionary design allows easy slide-on and slide-off action with an easy grip handle for locking.  The robust metal construction will stand firm against high-impact and repeated drops. Features: Superior Functionality Locking clamp has firm grip and easy to use Fast Locking & Release Action...

Xpeed Standard Gorilla Grips


Gorilla Grips Xpeed Standard Gorilla Grips are heavy duty nylon clamps with a fast locking and release action. As a result, they are easy to use which ensures a safe and secure workout. Suitable for standrad lock bars like the 7ft Lock Bar.   Features: - Heavy Duty Nylon Clamps - Diameter (29mm) Fit For Standard Barbell - Fast Locking...

Xpeed Olympic Gorilla Grips


Olympic Gorilla Grips Safely lock and secure your weight plates with Xpeed Olympic Gorilla Grips. Suitable for Olympic Barbells like the X-Series Barbell. These heavy duty nylon clamps have a fast locking and release action. As a result, they are easy to use which ensures a safe and secure workout. The jaws slide onto the barbell sleeve, the snap lock...

Xpeed Olympic Spring Collars (Pair)


Xpeed Olympic Spring Collars These olympic spring collars are made of high quality spring steel and are ideal for fast plate-changing. The use of spring collars is recommended for any Olympic lifting for the safety of yourself and others in the gym.  Collars when applied to the barbell sleeve correctly will keep your weights snug against the collar of your...

Xpeed Spring Lock Collars (Pair)


Spring Lock Collars (Pair) The Spring Lock Collars (Pair) are made of high quality spring steel, with molded plastic handles for ease of use. As a result, you'll be able to do speedy plate changes! They are suitable for the Xpeed Standard Bars which have a diameter of 28mm. They are not suitable for Pump Bars.  Features & Benefits Spring steel...