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Xpeed Floor To Ceiling Straps


Floor to Ceiling Straps Xpeed floor to ceiling straps are nylon wound bands creating superior strength they have adjustment at both ends of the straps so the will suit people of all heights. Nylon wound bands that create superior strength

Xpeed Floor To Ceiling Brackets


Floor to Ceiling Bracket Designed to be fixed into the floor as well as to a top beam/pillar These brackets are designed to be fixed into the floor as well as to a top beam/pillar. These brackets also come with 2 D shackles to attach floor to ceiling straps

Xpeed Fighter Floor to Ceiling


Fighter Floor to Ceiling Ball  The Xpeed Fighter range is made for Champions. By using only the finest quality materials, it is tailored specifically to bring out the FIGHTER in you. Premium Grade Goat LeatherThe toughest and most supple leather available. The Goat Skin leather is designed to match your determination and strength. No other natural matierial comes comes close...

Xpeed Contender Floor to Ceiling Ball


Xpeed Contender Floor to Ceiling Ball Whatever goal you are trying to reach the  Contender range is designed to take you there. Your QUEST to be the BEST starts here. Tailored for: Personal trainers, group fitness, boxing fitness and training. Polyurethane ShellPolyurethane (PU) is a lightweight, high performing and long lasting skin that will give the boxer the best reponse...

Professional Floor To Ceiling Ball


Professional Floor To Ceiling Ball The Xpeed Professional Floor To Ceiling Ball is a great training tool for any boxer. Regular workouts featuring your floor to ceiling ball will allow you to achieve a fantastic cardio workout, whilst toning your upper and lower body. The main benefit of including a floor to ceiling ball into your training regime is the ability to improve punching...

Xpeed Floor To Ceiling Bladder


Replacement Floor to Ceiling Bladders Floor to Ceiling bladder. One Size fits most Floor to Ceiling Balls.  * Seamless latex bladder* Valve is at the top for easy access* 28cm in length