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Xpeed Bumper Plate


Xpeed Bumper Plates The Xpeed Bumper Plates are part of the Xpeed strength range which is rapidly becoming a leader in quality strength equipment. This is due to the fact the Xpeed team have been working hard on offering high quality, heavy-duty equipment that doesn’t ruin your budget. As a result, the Xpeed Training Bumper plates are made of thick,...

Xpeed Olympic Rubber Plates


Olympic Rubber Plates The Xpeed Olympic Rubber Plates are budget friendly than Bumper and Competition plates. It's important to note that they are not made for repeated, heavy dropping. However, if that is not in your training plans anyway, they will get the job done for you. Rubber Olympic Plates are made with cast iron, covered in a low odour rubber...

Xpeed Standard Weight Plate


Xpeed Standard Weight Plates The Xpeed Standard Weight Plate is a grey hammertone weight plate with a 29mm diameter hole. In general, this style of weight plate is cheaper than the Olympic and Rubber Plated styles which have a 51mm diameter hole. The Xpeed Standard Weight Plates are a simple design, easy to use and suitable to fit most common standard...

Xpeed Fractional Weights Pack


15kg Fractional Plates Set As the old saying goes, from little things big things grow and that is exactly the case with the the Xpeed 15kg Fractional Plates set. Break through that dreaded plateau in your lifting program thanks to these incremental loading plates. Designed to help you make small increments which result in consistent weight gains in your training....

Xpeed Rubber Hex Dumbbells


Rubber Hex Dumbbells There's a few reasons why Xpeed Rubber Hex Dumbbells are one of the most popular gym products around. The infamous rubber coating reduces noise in the home gym. In addition, the rubber coating also improves the life cycle of the dumbbells themselves. Coatings such as chrome or cast iron are prone to chipping, whereas rubber coated dumbbells are kinder to different gym floor...

Xpeed PVC Dumbbell


PVC Dumbbells Build muscle mass and maintain your upper body strength from home with the Xpeed PVC Dumbbells. Great whether you are weight training or just staying fit, these weights are dipped in coloured PVC so they are comfortable to handle as well as providing good grip for sweaty hands. *Each dumbbell sold separately. Great for Training  These dumbbells have been...

Xpeed Kettlebell


Kettlebells Kettlebells are used the world over for general fitness and strength and conditioning. We love them at Xpeed because from the basic swing to moves like clean and jerks, 'KB's' displace the weight differently than a dumbbell. As a result you're forced to use more of your stabiliser muscles and you'll work the muscles you are targeting through a...

Xpeed Competition Kettlebell


Competition Kettlebell Competition Kettlebells are made from steel and are specifically designed to meet the specifications of International Kettlebell Competitions. They feature a larger mass in the body of the kettlebell which provides better ballistic abilities for the athlete. As a result, this allows more natural movement and rotation throughout exercises. One of the key differences between Competition Kettlebells and...

Xpeed 6 Piece PVC Dumbbell Set with Rack


Xpeed 6 Piece PVC Dumbbell Set with Rack Life gets better when you simplify, that's exactly what we've done with the 6 Piece PVC Dumbbell set. Neatly store your durable PVC dummbells on this simple and light pyramidal rack. Choose between 2 sets - One rack and three sets of colour coded PVC dumbbells ranging from 0.5kg to 1.5kg. Or One...

Xpeed 50kg Dumbbell Set


Xpeed 50kg Dumbbell Set Enjoy the versatility of gym equipment from the comfort of your own home with the Xpeed 50kg Dumbbell Set. Equipped with four 1.25 kg plates, six 2.5 kg plates, four 5 kg  plates and two dumbbell handles screw locks and one 6ft one piece spin lock bar, the set allows you to work with a variety...

Xpeed 20kg Weight Set


Xpeed 20kg Dumbbell Set A must have for every home gym Our 20kg weight set includes: 2 x dumbbell handles screw lock, 4 x 2.5kg discs and 4 x 1.25kg discs.

Xpeed 20" Knurled Dumbbell Handle


20" Knurled Dumbbell Handle Knurled grip with fixed inner collars Chrome plated solid steel bar Knurled grip with fixed inner collars Spinlock ends to ensure discs remain firmly secured onto bar

Xpeed Ankle & Wrist Weights


Xpeed Ankle & Wrist Weights Add additional resistance to your workouts in a subtle way.  Xpeed Ankle and Wrist Weights are the best for intensifying simple body movements including walking or running. They're versatile, comfortable and portable which makes them a good option for training when travelling. Compared to larger pieces of equipment they are an affordable bit of training kit....

Xpeed Weight Vest


Xpeed Weight Vest  The weight vest is simple in concept and big bang for your buck in usage. Built to last the Xpeed weight vest comes in 3 variations to provide a wide range of resistance during exercise. Designed to avoid bouncing on the stomach the removable weights are located high on the torso. As a result, an even distribution is...

Xpeed Elite Bumper Plate Bundles


Xpeed Elite Bumper Plate Bundles Take your training goals to the next level with our Xpeed Elite Bumper Plate Bundles. Choose between a 150kg Bumper Plate Pack + 15kg Fractional Plates + 20kg Barbell bundle and a 100kg Bumper Plate Pack + 20kg Barbell bundle. These packs feature the Xpeed X-Series Barbell, a combination of Xpeed Bumper Plates and the...

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