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Xpeed Ab Slings


Xpeed Ab Slings Don't let grip strength get in the way of your core sessions again thanks to the Xpeed Ab Slings. Our ab slings are designed to support your upper body during hanging abdominal exercises which allows you to target your core muscles. As a result, comfortably hang suspended for leg raises, oblique bends, knee raises and hangs.  ...

Xpeed Neoprene Weight Belt


Xpeed Neoprene Weight Belt The Xpeed Neoprene Weight Belt is an excellent lightweight belt to assist your weightlifting goals. This style of belt is lightweight, super strong and tight wearing to the body during heavy lifting. It’s contoured design allows for maximum support whilst the neoprene super flex foam body provides mobility. The roller steel buckle and velcro strap make...

Xpeed Leather Weight Belt - 4 Inch


Xpeed Leather Weight Belt - 4 Inch The Xpeed Leather Weight Belt - 4 Inch is designed for ultimate support during your big lifts. It’s built to handle repeated heavy sets, making it a comfortable and tough wearing belt. Made from genuine leather featuring a strong dual tongue buckle for the extra durability required for support during strength training. As...

Xpeed Leather Weight Belt - 6 Inch


Xpeed Leather Weight Belt - 6 Inch The Xpeed Leather Weight Belt - 6 Inch is built to help you lift safely with comfort and durability in mind. The padded design along with the large 6 inch back provides all the support you’ll need for repeated heavy sets, as well as reaching those 1RM’s. This style of belt is made...

Xpeed Leather Dip Belt


Xpeed Leather Dip Belt This Xpeed Leather Dip Belt is a must have addition to the training kit. This lightweight and robust dip belt will help progress your training and increase the intensity of body weight exercises such as dips and chin ups. Features: Lightweight and strong. Embossed logo Foam Core creates a snug fit. Quick release chain One size...

Xpeed Eye In Tail Lifting Straps


Xpeed Eye In Tail Lifting Straps  Xpeed Eye in tail lifting straps allow you to overload your muscles for hypertrophy training and help optimise your grip during heavy lifting thanks to their anti-slip texture. Simple in design and reliable in use, this style of strap is built for heavy repetitive use. Double stitched for durability and soft wearing for comfort,...

Xpeed Weight Lifting Hooks


Xpeed Lifting Hooks The Xpeed Lifting Hooks allow you to lift more weight during training. We recommend to build grip strength naturally, however these type of lifting accessories allow you to grow stronger despite a grip deficiency. The common sense approach with lifting hooks is to use them when you need them. If you don’t have grip issues with certain...

Xpeed Figure 8 Lifting Straps


Xpeed Figure 8 Lifting Straps Xpeed Figure 8 Lifting Straps are designed to help you lift heavy with full confidence by locking your grip to the bar. Our straps are set to the perfect length for a tight fit to the barbell whilst utilising a heavy duty 40mm width cotton webbing with neoprene padding. This figure 8 strap is double...

Xpeed Wrist Wraps


Xpeed Wrist Wraps Strength accessories like the Xpeed Wrist Wraps are a popular, convenient and cost effective training tool for weight lifting. Wrist wraps provide several benefits to lifters including wrist support, increased performance and a reduced risk of injury. Use for wrist support and strength with pressing and overhead exercises during powerlifting, cross training and strongman training.  Features: Thumb...