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New Contender 90cm Boxing Bag


New Contender 90cm Boxing Bag Increase your training performance with the all New Xpeed Contender 90cm Boxing Bag. Our pre-filled 90cm Contender bags are the perfect addition to your home training set up and small training studios as they are ideal for boxing and kickboxing drills. Features: – PU Outer  – Rag Filled Boxing Bag  – 4 Straps with D...

Nylon Stirrup Handle


Xpeed Nylon Stirrup Handle Cable Attachment The Xpeed Nylon Stirrup Handle Cable Attachment is ideal for isolation exercises on cable cross over machines and single stations. Featuring a hard plastic grip with contoured grooves it will 'handle' repeated use. Features:  - Industrial Strength Nylon - Hard Plastic Grip with contoured grooves - Handle width 14cm - Grip width - Steel...

Professional Floor To Ceiling Ball


Professional Floor To Ceiling Ball The Xpeed Professional Floor To Ceiling Ball is a great training tool for any boxer. Regular workouts featuring your floor to ceiling ball will allow you to achieve a fantastic cardio workout, whilst toning your upper and lower body. The main benefit of including a floor to ceiling ball into your training regime is the ability to improve punching...

Spike Massage Ball


9cm Spike Massage Ball  YOUR PERSONAL MASSAGE THERAPIST > Firm 3" diameter massage ball provides deep tissue massage> Spiky outer layer offers stimulating effect, increasing circulation> Excellent tool for plantar fasciitis

Standard Weight Tree


Standard Weight Tree Keep your workout area safe, clean and organized with Standard Weight Tree. Featuring a strong and robust build quality this tree is designed for storage of Xpeed Standard Weight Plates or Standard Weight Plates with a 29mm diameter hole.

Stirrup Handle


Single Stirrup Handle  Our Single Stirrup Handle Cable Attachment helps add variety to your training regime. Built to last it's the perfet piece of fitness equipment to your training setup.  Features: Easy to attach Constructed of solid steel bar and high-polished chrome finish Single chrome handle attachment for lat machine Weight lifting and fitness cable attachments for working out

10mm Fitness Mat 10mm Fitness Mat

Xpeed 10mm Fitness Mat

$59.95 $47.95

 Xpeed 10mm Fitness Mat From the beginner to the professional athlete the Xpeed Exercise Mat is designed with performance in mind. The 10mm thickness means this mat is twice the thickness of the average yoga mat, which provides comfort for repeated use. In addition this can help reduce joint stress to prevent strain on your body. The non slip texture provides...

Xpeed 15kg Training Olympic Barbell


Xpeed 15kg Training Olympic Barbell Smooth spin and consistent whip are two of the characteristics of the Xpeed 15kg Training Olympic Barbell that make it the perfect training Barbell for Olympic lifting. The 4 needle bearing construction allows easy manoeuvrability for athletes performing at their highest level. Our finest knurling allows for a secure and comfortable grip throughout a repetitive...

Xpeed 20 Kg Weight Set


Xpeed 20kg Dumbbell Set A must have for every home gym Our 20kg weight set includes: 2 x dumbbell handles screw lock, 4 x 2.5kg discs and 4 x 1.25kg discs.

Xpeed 20" Knurled Dumbbell Handle


20" Knurled Dumbbell Handle Knurled grip with fixed inner collars Chrome plated solid steel bar Knurled grip with fixed inner collars Spinlock ends to ensure discs remain firmly secured onto bar

Xpeed 26 inch Revolving Curl Bar


Xpeed 26 Inch Revolving Curl Bar  The Revolving Curl Bar 26" is a versatile attachment. It is most commonly used for bicep curls and tricep push-downs but can also be used to perform close-grip lat pull downs, seated rows, upright rows, overhead extensions and straight arm push-downs.All Xpeed attachments are made to be compatible with any machine with a cable...

Xpeed 3 Sided Plyometric Box


Xpeed 3 Sided Plyometric Box This Xpeed 3 Sided Plyometric Box features wood panels and a foam lined sleeve. It is a high quality, light, commercially rated product. Containing 3 height variations of 75cm, 60cm, 50cm it is perfect for both small training studios or home gyms. Athletes of all levels use plyo boxes to boost their vertical jumping ability as...

Xpeed 50kg Dumbbell Set


Xpeed 50kg Dumbbell Set Enjoy the versatility of gym equipment from the comfort of your own home with the Xpeed 50kg Dumbbell Set. Equipped with four 1.25 kg plates, six 2.5 kg plates, four 5 kg  plates and two dumbbell handles screw locks and one 6ft one piece spin lock bar, the set allows you to work with a variety...

Xpeed 5ft Standard Barbell with Lock Collars


Xpeed 5ft Standard Barbell with Lock Collars This Xpeed 5ft Standard Barbell with Lock Collars features a 28mm diameter sleeve and is compatible with the Xpeed Standard Weight Plates and the Xpeed Freestanding Squat Stand. This smaller barbell has knurled handles for extra grip to protect from slipping and lock collars are included to prevent weight plates from slipping off of the bar.  ...

Xpeed 6 Piece PVC Dumbbell Set with Rack


Xpeed 6 Piece PVC Dumbbell Set with Rack Life gets better when you simplify, that's exactly what we've done with the 6 Piece PVC Dumbbell set. Neatly store your durable PVC dummbells on this simple and light pyramidal rack. Choose between 2 sets - One rack and three sets of colour coded PVC dumbbells ranging from 0.5kg to 1.5kg. Or One...

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