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Xpeed Neoprene Weight Belt


Xpeed Neoprene Weight Belt The Xpeed Neoprene Weight Belt is an excellent lightweight belt to assist your weightlifting goals. Features: - Neoprene belt with Velcro fastener and stainless steel buckle.  - 130mm width for maximum lumbar support.  - Protects and supports the spine and lower back.  - Made from heavy duty Nylon and Neoprene.

Xpeed Nylon Dip Belt


Xpeed Dip Belt The Xpeed Dip Belt belt has reinforced backing and a heavy duty chain. This belt is ideal for weighted dips. Features: Made from Nylon One size fits all

Xpeed Leather Weight Belt


Xpeed Leather Weight Belt   The Xpeed Leather Weight Lifting Belt is designed to help you lift safely with comfort and durability in mind. In general, weight lifting belts are used to support your back during heavy lifting such as squats, deadlifts and rows. The common sense approach to using a weight belt is to use it when it feels...