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Xpeed Dumbbell Buyers Guide
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Xpeed Dumbbell Buyers Guide

Xpeed Dumbbell Buyers Guide

A dumbbell is a dumbbell right? When you’re looking for new equipment to fit out your home studio or gym, it can be confusing to try and figure out what is going to work best for you. That being said, before you dive into the realm of Xpeed Dumbbells, let's take a moment to understand your fitness environment. Are you a trailblazer, forging new paths in the world of weightlifting, are you jumping head first into Crossfit, or perhaps you're seeking a reliable companion for your well-established routine? Factors like your budget, training goals, and the space you have available all play a pivotal part in this journey.

To break it down, understanding the Xpeed range is a good place to start. Essentially, we have four types of dumbbells available for your workouts.

- Dumbbell Handles
- PVC Dumbbells
- Rubber Hex Dumbbells
- PU Dumbbells

    This range allows you to find a dumbbell that suits your training style, goals and budget. So let’s dive into what makes them differ from one another.

    When versatility meets complexity

    When discussing dumbbells it's important for us to address 'adjustable dumbbells' because the allure of adjustable sets is undeniable. The ability to save space with variable resistance all in one package is compelling to say the least. 

    Adjustable dumbbells deserve applause for their innovative approach to training at home without the need for a storage rack. We do however, have to address the Achilles heel of adjustable dumbbells. It has to do with their intricate design; which often relies on teeth and a locking mechanism. This type of mechanism introduces a notable vulnerability, as these components are prone to wear and tear, leading to potential malfunctions and breakdowns over time. In our research and development of dumbbells at Xpeed we have prioritised simplicity and function over complexity. Why? The need for repairs or replacements due to damaged teeth or malfunctioning mechanisms with adjustable DB's can become a persistent burden on your fitness journey, both in terms of time and money. Which can ultimately lead to frustration and a disappointing experience.

    Xpeed Dumbbell Handles: Forging the Foundation

    The Xpeed Dumbbell Handles suit the trailblazers and budget-conscious beginners. If you're entering the world of strength training for the first time and are mindful of your budget, these are your trustworthy companions. Crafted from chrome-plated solid steel, these handles lay the foundation for a robust fitness routine. The knurled grip ensures a secure hold, making them perfect for those exploring the weightlifting terrain. At Xpeed we have 4 styles of Dumbbell Handles, including 14", 14" Knurled, 18" Knurled and 20" Knurled handles.


    Key Features:

    Diameter: 28mm, compatible with standard 30mm plates.

    Construction: Chrome-plated solid steel for durability.

    Grip: Knurled design for enhanced grip.

    Stability: Fixed inner collars for secure weight placement.

    Attachment: Spinlock ends for a firm fit.

    Based on the materials used to create dumbbell handles they’re an entry level product. Below we explore the pros and cons.

    - Budget-friendly for beginners.
    - Versatile with standard plates.
    - Secure grip for safe lifting.

    - Limited features for advanced lifters.

    To put it simply these are a great rough and ready companion to kickstart your fitness journey.

    Xpeed PVC Dumbbells: Versatility Tailored to You

    PVC Dumbbells are perfect for the explorers progressing from entry-level to intermediate training. Why? They offer versatility suited to your evolving routine. The coloured PVC coating not only adds a splash of vibrancy but also provides a comfortable grip, which also contrasts to the knurled handles of other varieties, this is important if you’re worried about calluses on your palms. They’re also popular accessories to pilates training due to their weight range of 0.5kg to 5kg. All of this enables you to indulge in a variety of exercises, knowing that each dumbbell is tailored to your unique training needs.


    Key Features:

    Material: Coloured PVC coating for comfort and grip.

    Training Range: Ideal for strength, pilates and coordination.

    Colour-Coded Weights: Easily identify different weight levels.

    Handle size: Increases with the weight size, popular with boxers for shadow boxing drills.



    As you can see the coloured PVC coating not only provides a vibrant touch but also ensures comfort and grip during workouts. Ideal for those exploring strength training beyond the basics. Let's explore the pros and cons below.

    - Versatile for a wide range of exercises.
    - Comfortable grip with colour-coded convenience.
    - Weight range goes up in small increments
    - Handle size increase as weight increases.


    - Only goes up to 5kg


    Xpeed Rubber Hex Dumbbells: All About Performance

    Rubber Hex Dumbbells are for the voyagers, the experienced trainers seeking advanced performance. The infamous rubber coating reduces noise, making them perfect for intimate workout spaces. If Crossfit and HIIT training are your thing, these will help get you to where you’re going. Ranging from 1kg to 50kg there’s a rubber hex dumbbell for everyone. In addition, the hexagonal design ensures easy storage and stops the dumbbells from rolling away. Built for the commercial environment they will stand the test of time. 

    Key Features:

    Coating: Infamous rubber coating for reduced noise and enhanced durability.

    Safety: Hexagonal ends prevent rolling and provide stability.

    Longevity: Resistant to chipping, ensuring a longer life cycle.

    Comfort: Contoured handle for increased comfort during workouts.

    Wide range of sizes from 1kg - 50kg.



    Rubber Hex Dumbbells are one of the most popular training tools around, need a little more convincing, here’s the pros and cons.

    - Built for the commercial environment with advanced durability.
    - Rubber helps reduce noise.
    - Hexagonal design for safety and stability.

    - Higher cost compared to entry-level options.


    Xpeed Commercial PU Dumbbells: Elite Performance

    The Xpeed Commercial PU Dumbbells are for those who demand the pinnacle of elegance and performance in a commercial setting. Constructed with a hard-wearing polyurethane exterior and featuring knurled handles with bold lettering, these dumbbells offer a touch of sophistication to your training. Customisable with your brand's logo, whilst they represent the highest priced option per kg, ensuring top-tier quality for discerning athletes.


    Key Features:

    Construction: Robust polyurethane with hardened chrome.

    Grip: Knurled handles

    Customisation: Branding options available.

    Environment: Built for the commercial environment.

    Bold numbering for easy identification


      Whether you're sculpting a high-end gym or pursuing personal excellence in a professional setting, lets explore the pros and cons of the PU Dumbbells. 


      - Elegant design with premium materials.
      - Customization options for brand representation.
      - Built for durability in a commercial environment.

      - Highest priced option per kg.

        Choosing Your Dumbbells

        Your fitness journey is unique to you. Consider your budget, envision your training goals, and carve out space for your strength pursuits. Whether you're laying the foundation with Xpeed Dumbbell Handles, embracing versatility with Xpeed PVC Dumbbells, seeking advanced performance with Xpeed Rubber Hex Dumbbells, or elevating your commercial outfit with PU Dumbbells, Building A Better Body with Xpeed awaits.

        The Xpeed Advantage

        - Quality Assurance All Xpeed dumbbells undergo rigorous testing for quality and durability.

        - Extensive Range: Choose from various sizes and weights to meet your specific fitness goals.

        - Build Your Set: Mix and match dumbbells to create a custom set tailored to your workout routine.

         Written by Xpeed Brand ManagerSimon Mitchell

        Simon has a Bachelor of Human Movement, is a certified FMS trainer and has worked in the fitness industry since 2003. Simon started his fitness journey as a trainer with iNform Health and Fitness before moving into commercial radio and then back into fitness with Bodyism in the United Kingdom and Australia. A career highlight was being one of Daisy Ridley's personal trainers on Star Wars IX - The Rise Of Skywalker.

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