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Xpeed Flat Bench - D Series


Xpeed Flat Bench - D Series The Xpeed Flat Bench - D Series is a great bench for free weight training. The dumbell rack underneath allows effective dumbell storage and improves bench stability.   Features: - Heavy-duty steel tubing construction. - High-quality black matte powder coating. - High-density padding and durable double stitched upholstery. - Dumbell rack underneath for storage...

Xpeed D-Series Adjustable FID Bench


Xpeed D-Series Adjustable FID Bench The Xpeed D-Series FID Bench is perfect for Domestic Use It is adjustable from Flat to Incline with one Decline position Choose from the 6 different angled positions including flat, decline and several levels of incline High-quality heavy-gauge steel High-Density Foam Padding Quality and Durable Upholstery Stylish matte black powder coat finish Folds down for...

Xpeed X-Series Adjustable FID Bench


X-Series Adjustable FID Bench The X-Series Adjustable FID Bench is great for hitting multiple angles when you workout. The bench is capable of Flat, Incline, and Decline (FID) positions. Ideal for home and commercial use, the bench has a thick, firm, 2.5" pad wrapped in very durable for maximum comfort and support. The solid steel ladder has 7 positions, from...

Xpeed Sit Up Bench - X Series


X Series Adjustable Sit Up Bench  The X Series Adjustable Sit Up Bench is supported by a strong and robust frame with a stylish black matte finish. Twelve adjustable heights allows the user to hit a large range of motion and target the abdominal muscles. Elevate your gym space with this sleek sit up bench. Part of the X Series...

Xpeed Alpha Flat Bench


 Xpeed Alpha Flat Bench The Alpha Flat Bench is a commercial grade flat bench that is sturdy and durable to enable safe workouts when exercising with heavy weights.  Not only is it durable, this bench was designed for comfort and can be used as a general exercise bench for all workouts.  Wheels for easy manoeuvrability. Commercial grade weight rating 250kg. Thick...

Xpeed Alpha Adjustable Bench


 Xpeed Alpha Adjustable Bench   Made for heavy lifting the Xpeed Alpha Adjustable Bench is the best of the best when it comes to adjustable weight benches. Built for the right balance of functionality, ease of use and durability. As part of the new Xpeed strength range, the Alpha Bench is a gym bench that sets the standard with its fully commercially...

Xpeed Prone Row Bench & Custom Barbell


Prone Row Bench & Custom Barbell Simple and effective with a small foot print, the Prone Row Bench & Custom Barbell hits the desired outcome for the pulling movement. The bench itself sits within 1m square, with the included custom bent barbell spanning 172cm. Most prone or pull benches on the market are large, cumbersome and aesthetically challenged. Initially made privately...