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Top Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Boxing Gloves
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Top Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Boxing Gloves

Top Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Boxing Gloves

Every boxer knows the importance of protecting their hands when training or stepping into the ring. But let's take a moment to consider this: while you're diligent about safeguarding your fists, what are you doing to protect your faithful companions in combat - your boxing gloves? These trusty tools of the trade deserve just as much care and attention as your own hands. Proper glove care not only ensures their longevity and performance but also guarantees a hygienic and reliable training experience. In this blog, we'll dive deep into the essential tips and techniques that will keep your boxing gloves in optimal condition. Say goodbye to worn-out, smelly gloves and a long-lasting friendship between your hands and gloves

Washing your hands helps with boxing glove hygeine

Glove Care Guide:

1). Wash your hands - One of the most simple things you can do for glove care is to wash your hands before use. On your hands you’ll often find dirt, contaminants and bacteria, all of which love dark and damp places like the inside of your gloves. Washing your hands before training can help remove all of these things and play a part in preventing your glove from smelling. 

2). Use hand wraps - This can help minimise excess moisture inside of your gloves and prevent the growth of odour causing bacteria. Hand wraps not only protect your hands but also absorb perspiration that occurs when training, this helps protect the lining of your gloves.

Using hand wraps helps keep your boxing gloves clean

 3). Wipe gloves down - A good practice to get into the habit of is using a microfiber cloth to wipe down both the exteriors and interiors of the boxing gloves to remove moisture and dust particles. You may use a damp cloth to wipe down the gloves, just be sure to avoid using cleaning agents with high acidic or petroleum-based components. 

4). Air out - After a training session give your gloves some time to air out in a dry, open place. Be sure to remove them from stuffy and damp environments such as gym bags to prevent bacterial growth. Avoid direct heat sources such as heaters as they can dry and crack materials such as leather and polyurethane. 

5). Remove gloves from car - The interior of a car or car boot can experience wide variations in temperature during the day due to the weather, this can have adverse effects on glove components. Remember to remove your gloves from the car after a training session where possible. 

Useboxing gloves correctly to help maintain theier condition

 6). Don’t put in a washing machine - This might seem obvious but you’d be surprised by the amount of people who have ruined a good pair of gloves by putting them in the washing machine or a dryer. Gloves simply aren’t made to withstand the extreme heat of a tumble dryer or the strain of a washing machine cycle and/ or the exposure to chemicals. This will also void your warranty.

 7). Intended use - Be sure not to use the gloves for things they’re not designed for. An example of this is doing push ups with your boxing gloves on. This places excess load and stress on glove components such as the stitching, seams, scuffs, foam and strike surface in a way that they’re not designed to deal with.


Invest In Your Gloves:

By investing some time and following the tips and techniques we've discussed, you can prolong the life of your boxing gloves, maintain their hygiene and ensure their optimal functionality. Treat them with care and they will reward you with durability, protection and a reliable partnership.

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