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Recommended Nutrition Books From A Fitness Expert
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Recommended Nutrition Books From A Fitness Expert

Recommended Nutrition Books From A Fitness Expert

In the world of health and wellness, it’s no secret that your diet plays a pivotal role in achieving sustainable lifelong results. Thanks to Casey Hurley from Adelaide, we received this question in our Xpeed Survey;

“As diet is the most critical part of the journey, what nutrition books do you recommend?”

Amongst the wild west of nutrition advice on the internet, to guide you properly on the answer, we've reached out to a good friend and customer of Xpeed, Max Martin from iNform Health & Fitness Solutions (BAppSc (Hons.) ESSAM AEP AES). Max is a seasoned gym owner, industry expert and quite frankly one of the smartest people we know. Here, Max shares his expertise on the best nutrition books that align with evidence-based practices. Max and iNform Health actually have a fantastic seminar coming up in May - 'Dying Young as Late as Possible" - How to Exercise for a Long Healthy Life. Be sure to check it out if it's something you're interested in.

Contributor -  Max Martin 

Max completed an Applied Science Degree (Exercise and Sports Science) in 1998, and an Honours Degree in Human Movement in 2000. He is the current Chair of UniSA’s Exercise and Sports Science Advisory Group, and a recent Chair of ESSA’s Exercise Science Advisory Group.

Max is a Past Board member of Fitness Australia, and past Member of the Australian Fitness Industry Standards Council. Max is also an Adjunct Senior Industry Fellow of the University of South Australia

Max has multiple internationally peer-reviewed publications in the areas of exercise physiology and musculoskeletal sport sciences; and is a regular guest lecturer on Exercise Prescription and Rehabilitation to students of the University of South Australia and other tertiary educational institutions.


The Power of Evidence-Based Diets:

When we put the question to Max he emphasised the significance of evidence-based diets, highlighting the Mediterranean diet as a prime example. Known for its high adherence rates and health benefits, the Mediterranean diet incorporates whole foods, healthy fats, lean proteins and plenty of fruits and vegetables. This balanced approach, combined with caloric moderation, forms the cornerstone of successful and sustainable nutrition.

Macronutrient Considerations:

When it comes to macronutrients, Max suggests that if one were to restrict a particular macronutrient, opting for lower carbohydrate intake tends to yield better results. However, he emphasises the importance of maintaining an adequate protein intake, especially in conjunction with regular exercise, to preserve muscle mass and support overall health.

Recommended Nutrition Books:

Max recommends two valuable resources from the CSIRO that align with evidence-based nutrition principles:

Total Wellbeing Diet: This book, authored by the CSIRO, provides a comprehensive guide to achieving holistic wellness through balanced nutrition. It emphasises whole foods, portion control and sustainable lifestyle changes for long-term success.

The CSIRO Low-Carb Diet: For individuals considering a lower-carbohydrate approach, this book offers scientifically-backed strategies for reducing carb intake while maintaining nutritional balance. It explores the benefits of low-carb eating and provides practical meal plans and recipes.

If you’re looking to apply some training principles alongside balanced eating, here’s a guide on how to programme a workout.


In your health journey, knowledge is power. By embracing evidence-based nutrition principles and utilising valuable resources like the CSIRO's books recommended by Max, you can navigate your ways towards improved health, vitality and overall well being. Remember, it's not just about what you eat but also how you nourish your body for long-lasting success. What do we mean by this? Think of your body as a high performance vehicle, you keep it in a nice garage at night, you put good fuel in it, you take it out for a spin a couple of times a week and you don’t thrash the hell out of it when out for a spin.

Thanks again to Casey for a great question and to Max for his insights. Don't forget to fill out the Xpeed Survey. You also go in the draw for a monthly $50 Xpeed Gift Voucher.  


 Written by Xpeed Brand ManagerSimon MitchellSimon has a Bachelor of Human Movement, is a certified FMS trainer and has worked in the fitness industry since 2003. Simon started his fitness journey as a trainer with iNform Health and Fitness before moving into commercial radio and then back into fitness with Bodyism in the United Kingdom and Australia. A career highlight was being one of Daisy Ridley's personal trainers on Star Wars IX - The Rise Of Skywalker.

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