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What To Look For In A Yoga Mat
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What To Look For In A Yoga Mat

Ever heard the adage, "Not all calories are created equal"? Well, it applies to yoga mats too! Recently inquisitive yogi, Sophie from Melbourne, asked the Xpeed survey “I'm curious! What features should I look for in a quality yoga mat”? If you're on the hunt for a new yoga mat like Sophie, allow us to highlight 3 important things to look for and consider. 

We'll break it down like this  - Thickness, Material and Texture.


If you're just starting out a 4mm yoga mat is ideal for balance work when you're looking for a strong connection to the floor. The downside is less cushioned support. A 6mm yoga mat is considered thick and may be more ideal for back support during inversions, core work and postures that cause the bony parts of your body to dig into the ground. For those craving extra comfort and support, we've introduced a 10mm fitness mat. This thicker option is designed to provide additional cushioning, making it ideal for exercises that involve prolonged contact with the floor. And for the ultimate in luxurious support, we've rolled out a 20mm fitness mat, offering a plush experience for your fitness routines. Now, you have even more choices to tailor your mat to your specific needs and preferences.

The range of Xpeed yoga and fitness mats, showing their respective thickness


Texture, stickiness and sponginess are all determined by the type of material your yoga mat is made of. The other thing to consider when it comes to your mat is how eco-friendly the material is. Lot's of yoga mats are made of either vinyl or rubber. Vinyl mats last a long time and can endure many yoga classes. Rubber mats typically have jute and cotton in them making them more eco-friendly but less spongy.


Recently TPE's have become more widely used for yoga mat production. TPEs are a family of rubber like materials that combine the characteristics of rubber with the recyclability and processing advantages of plastics. Which means they can be recycled at the end of their fitness life.


Texture is important when it comes to yoga mats because it will control the amount of traction it has. Therefore, if you sweat a lot in your yoga class, a grippy mat is most likely the best option for you as this will keep you from slipping around. Grippier mats tend to have a more bumpy texture which can bother some users. If this is an issue be sure that the smoother mat you choose has a moisture control mechanism, for example cork mats.

A group of xpeed yoga mats that vary in materials, thickness and type

The Xpeed Range of Yoga & Fitness Mats


Starting out - Try the 4mm Spirit Yoga Mat if you're just starting out as a weekend warrior. 

Regular yogi - The 6mm Soul Yoga Mat is for the regular yoga enthusiast. It will handle repeated use and provide the perfect amount of cushioning for your higher level moves.

The 6mm Soul Yoga Mat

Xpeed Soul Yoga Mat

Eco-friendly & Grip - The 6mm Harmony Cork Yoga mat is for the experienced user looking for that grippier feel. It is also made from a fushion of and cork upper layer and TPE bottom meaning it is eco-friendly and fully recycable at the end of its life cycle.  

A cork yoga mat from Xpeed fitness

Xpeed Harmony Yoga Mat

General Fitness - If you're on the hunt for a thicker fitness mat the Xpeed 10mm Fitness Mat and 20mm Fitness Mat are definitely for you. 

A 10mm fitness mat from Xpeed fitness, popular in Australia

Xpeed 10mm Fitness Mat


As you can see, choosing the right yoga or fitness mat is a personal journey that hinges on your unique needs and preferences. As we've explored, factors like thickness, material and texture play pivotal roles in enhancing your overall experience on the mat. Whether you're drawn to the balance-focused 4mm yoga mat, the versatile 6mm option for added support, or the newfound comfort of our 10mm and 20mm fitness mats, the power to elevate your practice is in your hands. Remember, your mat is more than just a surface – it's a foundation for your well-being and growth. So, enjoy the journey as you find the perfect mat that aligns with your practice, helping you to build a better body.

Thanks again to Sophie for a great question, if you haven't already, remember to ask us a fitness question on the Xpeed Survey and you'll go in the draw to win a $50 gift card!

 Written by Xpeed Brand ManagerSimon Mitchell

Simon has a Bachelor of Human Movement, is a certified FMS trainer and has worked in the fitness industry since 2003. Simon started his fitness journey as a trainer with iNform Health and Fitness before moving into commercial radio and then back into fitness with Bodyism in the United Kingdom and Australia. A career highlight was being one of Daisy Ridley's personal trainers on Star Wars IX - The Rise Of Skywalker.

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